Ramadan at Mall of Dilmunia

Mall of Dilmunia is delighted to announce a line up of social, charitable, and traditional activities this Ramadan to combine both the family leisure and the giving spirit of Ramadan during this month. The events include a CSR initiative in collaboration with Tamimi Markets, Ramadan Photo Gallery in collaboration with Colors of the East, Ramadan Fashion Pop-up with the support of Lalabella, Ramadan Traditional Cooking and Handicrafts, as well as Gergaoun Activities. 

Mall of Dilmunia in collaboration with Tamimi Markets have partnered with Arad Charity and Bahrain Food Bank to donate boxes of Ramadan essentials to 300 families in need in the Kingdom of Bahrain through their Shop for Cause initiative. For every BD50 spent at Tamimi Markets, a box of Ramadan essentials will be donated, alternatively cus-tomers can purchase the box for BD6 to be donated on their behalf. Commenting on this initiative, Ms. Rebecca Ar-nold, Mall of Dilmunia Deputy CEO – Mall Manager said, “Mall of Dilmunia is proud to introduce this latest corporate social responsibility tie up with Tamimi Markets as this initiative is in line with their longstanding commitment to sup-port families in need”, while Mr. Bobby Rajendran, General Manager of Tamimi Markets added, “Tamimi Markets is honored to partner with our Charity Partners and the Mall of Dilmunia to bring the spirit of Ramadan to others less fortunate. From our family to yours, blessed Ramadan”.
The two project partners also shared their statements, where Arad Charity said, “The beneficial charity collabora-tion with Tamimi Markets and Mall of Dilmunia including all their board members and employees is a tremendous step as charity is one of the highest achievements in life and in that regard, Arad Charity would like to take this op-portunity to send their gratitude and respect to the collaborating companies and thank them and wish them the very best”. While Mr. Ahmed Al Kuwaiti, CEO of Bahrain Food Bank stated, “We are delighted to partner with Tamimi Markets and Mall of Dilmunia as this social partnership is a step forward to achieving the charity goals by providing boxes of Ramadan essentials to families in need whilst simultaneously limiting food waste. We encourage such chari-table activities and look forward to this partnership continuously growing.”
Mall of Dilmunia is also hosting four various entertaining events during the whole month which are the Ramadan Photo Gallery, Ramadan Fashion Pop-up, Ramadan Traditional Cooking, and Gergaoun Activities. “Mall of Dilmunia is con-tinuously committed to extending our support to local talent, producers, entrepreneurs and most importantly the community,” said Shaikh Mohammed Bin Duaij, CEO of Mall of Dilmunia. The first event, Ramadan Photo Gallery, which is a collaboration between Colors of the East will create a captivating walk-through gallery of the moon in different skylines of Bahrain displaying at the mall’s boulevard created by Bahraini photographers. The second event is Ramadan Fashion Pop-up featuring 10 alternating talented local designers with the support of Lalabella Events, who will be showcasing and selling clothes and accessories inspired by a magical Ramadan theme on the ground floor. The third event is Ramadan Traditional Cooking and Handicrafts, that is going to be held by local Bah-raini talents to make it a weekend getaway for the family. Live cooking action of local deserts, savory food, live weaving and oyster splitting that are fresh and ready to sell. Tune in to the Instagram page of Mall of Dilmunia for the dates of the Gergaoun Activities, which is the fourth event to be hosted. The Gergaoun Activities will feature photo sessions with Ramadan cartoon characters, kids painting sessions and Gergaoun treats.
Mark your calendars and visit Mall of Dilmunia to enjoy all these fun and charitable activities happening this month, as well as the mesmerizing dancing fountains shows by the Dilmunia Canal. In accordance with government directives, Mall of Dilmunia is committed to assisting and ensuring appropriate preventive measures to contribute to a safe shopping experience for our valued customers.
Also published on: aakgroup.net, Alayam, Alwatan

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