Mall of Dilmunia Receives Health Promoter Mall Award

In a testament of its unwavering commitment towards the promotion of wellbeing and healthy lifestyles, Mall of Dilmunia, Bahrain’s distinctive mall concept with retail outlets, has recently received a prestigious award from the Ministry of Health.
The Health Promoter Mall Award comes to recognise Mall of Dimunia’s active participation in the Ministry’s Healthy Mall Programme, which was launched in 2015 with the aim of creating healthy environments inside shopping malls.
As part of its endeavours to support the programme and promote healthy lifestyles among the different segments of the Bahraini society, Mall of Dilmunia spares no effort to create a healthy environment for shoppers and visitors.
This includes the opening of the mall at 7 am, in order for visitors to enjoy walking around the mall and exercise before the official working hours, in addition to regularly organising healthy events and activities in collaboration with the Mall’s tenants such as Cross Fit.
Moreover, Mall of Dilmunia implements a set of other measures and initiatives that ensure providing its visitors with a healthy atmosphere and endorse wellbeing, such as the prohibition of smoking across the mall and its facilities, providing fully-equipped parenting rooms and facilities to promote breastfeeding, the application of health requirements in the restaurants of the mall and encouraging them to provide healthy options in the menus, hosting health-related actives and more.
Commenting on the occasion, Shaikh Mohammed bin Duaij Al Khalifa, CEO of Mall of Dilmunia, stated: “We are honoured to receive this prestigious award, which reaffirms our solid commitment to the provision of a healthy environment for our valued visitors and shoppers, and the promotion and encouragement of adopting healthy lifestyles. Our support and participation in the Healthy Mall Programme stems from our belief in the significance of enhancing the wellbeing of all members of the Bahraini society and our keenness to make a positive impact on their lives. We look forward to continue organising additional events and activities throughout the year to further support this approach.”
The CEO expressed gratitude and appreciation to the Ministry of Health for its tireless efforts exerted to ensure the wellbeing of the society and encouraging a healthy culture among its members. He also thanked the Ministry for the given opportunity to be part of such a purposeful initiative.
Mall of Dilmunia is a modernised shopping mall consisting of five stories, quality entertainment, leisure and retail services. The Mall features a 17-metre-tall cylindrical aquarium, the first of its kind in Bahrain. The Mall is proud to house the largest atrium in Bahrain that can be utilized as an event venue with the most extensive LED screen ceilings in the GCC.
For more information, contact Mall of Dilmunia on (+97313300266) or visit Stay tuned to the latest updates and events in Mall of Dilmunia by following @mallofdilmunia on Facebook and Instagram.

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