The Dilmunia Canal is the Kingdom’s largest man-made body of water, stretching 1.7km from the Marina located in the north of the development, all the way to the Dilmunia Garden situated in the south of the island.

The star attraction is the Dilmunia Fountains, a seawater-operated fountains creating mesmerizing shows against the backdrop of more than 1,200 colour-changing LEDs. The two musical fountains spread over more than 100-meter-long with multimedia fountains, which comprises variable height water jets that dance in synchronization with the music.

Dilmunia Canal & Dancing Fountain
Dilmunia Canal & Dancing Fountain

Enjoy a breathtaking show of sights and sounds

Dilmunia Canal provides a central link between the island’s districts and is surrounded by public promenades, boardwalks, event plazas, and high-end waterfront retail districts where residents and visitors can enjoy shopping and dining in a vibrant community atmosphere.