Prepline Holdings and Mall of Dilmunia unveiled a new agreement that brings four brands to the mall

Mall of Dilmunia is fast being recognized as the ideal destination that offers a variety of brands and services. The management is pleased to announce that they recently signed a lease agreement with Prepline Holdings to open a selection of their most popular brands at Mall of Dilmunia, ensuring a memorable experience.
Prepline Holdings, which owns CHKN, ABBY BRGR, ABBY SHAWAYA, and ROBYAN among other excellent F&B con-cepts, will open its doors to visitors as part of mall expansion efforts. Deputy CEO and General Manager, Rebecca Charlotte Arnold commented “We are happy to welcome Prepline Holdings to the unique list of brands at Mall of Dilmunia. They have a deep understanding of F&B and as result have brought to life new successful concepts such as the ones opening here”
Combining 4 unique concepts; Prepline Holdings brings CHKN’s crunchy flavorful fried chicken and Kuwait’s iconic brand, Abby BURGR for all the meat lovers. Robyan offers quality golden crispy shrimps. A traditional blend with Abby Shawaya will tempt taste buds with a modern twist on rotisserie chicken. Prepline Holdings Khalil Alameen – Managing Partner stated “we are all about matching our top performing brands with sound real estate opportuni-ties and Mall of Dilmunia achieves that. We are looking forward to this fruitful partnership.”
To create a place that brings flavorsome food, ambiance, and people together, Prepline Holdings strategically se-lected a prime location on the lower ground floor with an outdoor terrace overlooking the Dilmunia canal and danc-ing fountains to build a dining destination that goes beyond just good food. Mall of Dilmunia makes every effort to deliver the best to its community, and the steps it takes to accomplish that goal is gradually completing the picture as a whole.

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