Opening of Bahrain Aquarium

Mall of Dilmunia has brought the underwater experience to the surface as it officially opened Bahrain Aquarium on September 15. Bahrain Aquarium occupies all four levels of the mall, making it the first and largest cylindrical aquarium in a mall in the Middle East, offering a one-of-a-kind experience combining the glory of the seas and education in one spectacular spot.
Bahrain Aquarium’s cylindrical shape gives easy access for visitors on all four floors to view the magnificent creatures. It contains approximately 700,000 liters of seawater with a depth of 17 meters and a diameter of 7 meters. Visitors can interact with more than 2,700 fish from over 85 species such as stingrays, clownfish, angelfish, sharks, and more.
Bahrain Aquarium opened with a ceremony attended by top stakeholders, partners, and guests who were treated to captivating performances as well as meeting with the management of Mall of Dilmunia. As part of its opening, Bahrain Aquarium screened a short documentary that told the story of the partners who helped bring this project to the surface, showcased the way in which ideas were developed and the steps that were taken to make this major project a reality. Being the first and largest cylindrical aquarium in a mall, this project is a landmark in the history of the Kingdom of Bahrain making it one of the most iconic projects around.
Bahrain Aquarium offers an interactive layout on its predominant second floor which is 12 meters in diameter, where it is possible for visitors of all ages to feed and pet the fish and for those visitors who are certified divers, diving opportunities will be available.The Bahrain Aquarium will offer educational programs and tours to raise community awareness about marine life and the delicate marine eco system. “We are thrilled to be launching soon a diverse mix of exhilarating activities for Aqua lovers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Mall of Dilmunia is confident that Bahrain Aquarium will give people the opportunity to engage in a range of activities which will be fun, interactive, and educational.’’ According to Rebecca Charlotte Arnold, Deputy CEO of Mall of Dilmunia.
Combining the mall’s strategic location, breathtaking views, various amenities and entertainment venues, Bahrain Aquarium is an outstanding addition to Mall of Dilmunia, cementing the mall’s position as being one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking destinations in the Kingdom, where a new era of unique indoor activities will soon take shape.

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