Mall of Dilmunia Honours Bahraini Free Divers for their Exceptional Performances at Bahrain Aquarium

Mall of Dilmunia, developed by Dilmunia Mall Development Company, recently hosted a reception to honour a team of Bahraini free divers, as a gesture of gratitude and thanks for their recent performances which were on display at the Mall’s aquarium. The free divers delivered a series of gracefully acrobatic performances to packed audiences on several occasions at Mall of Dilmunia’s Bahrain Aquarium, including Eid Al Adha, as well as performances as part of an exciting line up of events that were held in celebration of the Kingdom’s National Day last December 16 and 17. The Kingdom’s National Day performances featured a synchronised team of five free diving enthusiasts, who expertly explored the depths of the 17-metre-tall aquarium artfully exhibiting their honed skills by wrapping up the spectacle holding up the Bahraini flag underwater amidst the aquarium’s colourful and diverse selection of fish and marine life, which also included a newly added shipment of sharks and stingrays.

Left to Right, Chief Executive Officer of Mall of Dilmunia, Shaikh Mohammed bin Duaij Al Khalifa, Captain Ebrahim AlJowdar 

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Bahrain Freedivers, for their continuous support and active par-ticipation in Bahrain Aquarium’s initiatives, who delighted spectators by delivering a truly spectacular and breathtaking National Day performance, providing visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves in an engaging aquatic expe-rience unlike any other in the Kingdom of Bahrain,” said the Chief Executive Officer of Mall of Dilmunia, Shaikh Mo-hammed bin Duaij Al Khalifa.

“We look forward to hosting similar activities in the aquarium throughout the year and offering visitors an exceptional entertainment experience in a fun atmosphere, further strengthening Mall of Dilmunia’s position as one of the leading shopping and entertainment destinations in Bahrain,” he added.

Left to Right, Chief Executive Officer of Mall of Dilmunia, Shaikh Mohammed bin Duaij Al Khalifa, Captain Abdullatif Yousif Abdulmalek 

Towering over seventeen metres, the cylindrical shaped Bahrain Aquarium filled with 700,000 litres of saltwater is the first of its kind in the Kingdom, offering mall goers incredible and close encounters with some of the most fascinating underwater marine life from around the world. Currently, the Bahrain Aquarium boats a population of over 2500 dif-ferent species of aquatic creatures, providing the opportunity for people to stop by and marvel at oceanic life while enjoying a day of shopping from the comfort the Mall. In the future, Mall of Dilmunia plans to expand Bahrain Aquari-um, transforming it beyond an entertainment feature to a place of learning for children.

In light of its unique interior and vibrant atmosphere, Mall of Dilmunia continues to cement itself as a magnetic hub for family recreation, designed to embrace both form and function through its combination of modern architecture and dis-tinctive design details. The Mall has successfully transformed itself into a retail destination complete with contemporary dining experiences with plenty of recreational activities, lively entertainment zones and adventurous play areas for families in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

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