Mall of Dilmunia announces new tenant signings and the availability of limited leasing spaces

Mall of Dilmunia, developed by Dilmunia Mall Development Company, recently achieved milestone progress at the Mall, securing several new tenants from leading brands, in addition to existing tenants swiftly commencing store fit-outs of their spaces, which comes in line with the Mall’s existing strategy to create a unique and transformative experience while offering an elevated level of services and offerings to its visitors.

One of the newly signed tenants include a brand new first of its kind concept, Janat Tea Truck, founded by Janat Dores, who roamed the world in search of the finest selection of quality coffee, teas and cocoa. The Founder’s passion for dis-covering new flavours led him to developing the world’s first oak barrel to infuse and age tea with an exceptional fla-vour. Another key tenant signing, Nasser Pharmacy, will provide shoppers with everyday essentials in the world of health, beauty, and medicine all under one roof, complete with expert in-house teams ready to assist any visitor; which will be offered alongside Bliss Lab, which boasts an entirely vegan menu.

As for the retail spaces under fit-out and design, the tenants include the perfume houses Asghar Ali Perfumes, Sayed Junaid Alam Perfumes ,Ajmal Perfumes, as well as the coffee shop KAFED, the upscale gentleman’s barber shop The Groom Room, and Florencia ice cream. In addition to the already open SADAD kiosk, a Bahrain Financing Company (BFC) branch that specializes in global money transfers, foreign exchange and wholesale currency services is set to open its doors soon.

“…We will continue to expand upon and
attract additional leading brands in order to achieve
a fully integrated and diversified retail mix”

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mall of Dilmunia, Shaikh Mohammed bin Duaij Al Khalifa, revealed, “We are proud with the selection of brands that have joined Mall of Dilmunia in our journey to success, from the very start of our journey until today. The Mall provides an entirely different dimension to shopping and entertainment for every member of the family, alongside various distinctive features and offerings. We will continue to expand upon and attract addi-tional leading brands in order to achieve a fully integrated and diversified retail mix catered to multiple segments of society, and look forward to continuing to achieve our vision at Mall of Dilmunia.”

“In the near future, we will be opening the grand canal which will surround the Mall from three sides , which is expected to emerge as a key focal point and design element which is entirely unique in nature. The Canal will bring together the public promenades and walkways, water features and fountains, and the main event plazas, and also contain a variety of F&B outlets which will feature terraces facing the canal on the lower ground. The entire venue is expected to cement itself as one of Kingdom’s leading event venues in 2021 set to attract visitors from across Bahrain and abroad by emerging as a unique and ideal location for hosting cultural events and food festivals, attractions and cultural programs, which we will be announcing in the coming months” he added.

For leasing inquiries at Mall of Dilmunia, kindly contact or call 35555885.
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