CrossFit Muharraq joins Mall of Dilmunia Anchor Tenants

Mall of Dilmunia, one of the country’s key entertainment complexes at the heart of Dilmunia Island, is now set to become a space for better health and wellness. The CEO of Mall of Dilmunia, Shaikh Mohammed Bin Duaij Al Khalifa signed a lease agreement with the co-founders of CrossFit Muharraq, its third anchor tenant. The mall’s positive outlook on the signing of CrossFit Muharraq ensures that it is on track with its vision by tapping into the fast-growing health and wellness industry through this partnership.
“We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Mall of Dilmunia. The plan is to develop a unique and high-end fitness facility that leverages the strengths of the Mall and the Island of Dilmunia. Expect Amazing.” Expressed the founders of CrossFit Muharraq. On the same note, Mall of Dilmunia’s Deputy CEO and General Manager, Rebecca Charlotte Arnold commented “This is a significant milestone achieved, which comes in line with the Mall’s existing strategy to create a unique and transformative experience while offering a variety of bespoke services to its visitors.”
CrossFit Muharraq is one of Bahrain’s premier facilities in terms of strength and conditioning and is one of the top fitness clubs in the region. The new state-of-the-art facility will include amenities that are key differentiators such as a mixed gym, a ladies-only area, a sauna, ice baths, heavy-duty machines, and a café. It is a promising tourist destination with future plans of hosting workshops that would draw participants from all across the region.
Mall of Dilmunia aims to meet the needs of those who are seeking recreation and entertainment activities, and adding a special element of health and wellness to its agenda. As a result of its strategic location, the mall functions as an ideal spot for local and international brands to be positioned in the prestigious island of Dilmunia, supported with breathtaking canal views and a network of existing anchor tenants that attract visitors from all over.

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