Colours of The East open their third branch at Mall of Dilmunia

Mall of Dilmunia’s Chief Executive Officer Shaikh Mohammed bin Duaij Al Khalifa inaugurated the opening of “Colours of The East” third gallery at Mall of Dilmunia, , in the presence of the chairman Mr. Abbas AlMossawi in collab-oration with Bahrain Cinema club, on Wednesday October 6th 2021. The Bahrain Film Festival was launched at the gallery announcing the season opening of 2021-2022 programs with the presence of Dr. Hashim Hussain Head of the UNIDO Investment & Technology Promotion Office, Mr. Bassam Al Thawadi the Head of Bahrain Cinema club and Dr. Fareed Al Bayat the photography lecturer at Bahrain University.
The opening focused on the art of photography and filmography, in addition to three dimensional arts which includes sculpture, mosaic, and structural art. Shaikh Mohammed Bin Duaij Al Khalifa stressed the importance of having exhibi-tions of this caliber in efforts of promoting artistic investment and exchange of experiences, as well as highlighting and endorsing the diverse artistic talent pool that Bahrain embraces and stressing the significance of the society’s plan of supporting artists.
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The renowned Bahraini artist Abbas Al Mossawi expressed the importance of “Colours of The East” gallery at Mall of Dilmunia which is to become the national platform for Bahraini artists to present their best work and creations that are based on heritage and history, while merging them with the modernity and pace of urbanization Bahrain has experienced.
Mahdi Al Jalawi, Executive Director of “Colours of The East”, an artist and engineer, highlighted the significance of the gallery to push the boundaries of photography and filmography arts in Bahrain and bring together a diverse pool of talent. Additionally, Mr. Al Jallawi encouraged the Artists to reach out through their Instagram account which will contain information about the cultural season for 2021-2022.
A statement has been added by Mr. Bassam Al Thawadi announcing the launch of the Bahrain film festival 2021, filled with surprises and innovation for the Bahraini and Gulf youth. In addition to that director Ahmad Al Mulla from Saudi Arabia spoke of the roadmap for collaboration between the Bahrain Cinema Cub and “Colours of The East” Gallery, which will kick off its monthly “Cinecita” program that is comprised of a bouquet of cinematic experiences whereby the young members are selected in an analytical and conceptual manner in order to foster a specialized education in the field of cinema.

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