Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at Mall of Dilmunia

In the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mall of Dilmunia conducted an educational lecture on October 3rd to help raise awareness amongst its female employees in collaboration with AlNaseem Medical Center.
Ms. Rebecca Arnold, the Deputy CEO and General Manager at Mall of Dilmunia, commented We believe in the im-portance of education and awareness campaigns as the health of our employees is a top priority. Education, early detection through regular self-examination and screenings in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle has the potential to minimize the risk of Breast Cancer development. We are honored to be a part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, and especially grateful for AlNaseem Medical Center’s support.
Dr. Fadi Moawedh the CEO of Al Naseem medical center stresses the importance of early detection of breast can-cer by saying” Self-Exam of the breast improves the outcome of cancer treatment when caught early, emphasizing the importance of regular self-examinations in early cancer detection and treatment”. during the lecture Dr. Ashreq Khalifa the general Medical Practitioner explained how to perform breast self-examinations at home and the vari-ous treatment options available, At the end of the lecture Participants received awareness brochures, which included self-examination guidelines, as well as health and wellness packages.

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