Blue Island enters the Bahrain market with a new waffle concept at Mall of Dilmunia

Mall of Dilmunia is excited to announce that it has signed a lease agreement with Blue Island to open its first branch in Bahrain where its visitors will experience a tasty twist on the classic waffle.
Mall of Dilmunia is focusing on bringing international brands from the GCC region to Bahrain in order to present new and unique concepts to the market. In conjunction with their branch in the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia, Blue Island is opening its first branch in Bahrain in Mall of Dilmunia. Deputy CEO and General Manager, Rebecca Charlotte Ar-nold also commented “We look forward to the opening of Blue Island gourmet waffles at Mall of Dilmunia as they will only further compliment the new brands that will be soon opening before the end of the year. The scrumptious sweet and savoury waffle toppings can be enjoyed by the entire family anytime of the day and we are sure that they will be a huge success.”
Leasing Manager, Jana Kattar commented “We are delighted to sign this agreement with Blue Island because we believe that customers in this area have been waiting for a new concept like this to open up. I believe that we will be giving the people what they want.”
New to the Bahraini market and considered as an innovative and delicious concept, Blue Island provides high-quality pizza waffles with stringy mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and an exquisite taste of Italian herbs giving this dish a unique and wonderful touch. It also offers ice cream and customized themed cakes, in addition to its delicious sweet waffles that are topped with a variety of sweet toppings.
One of Blue Islands’ missions is to associate itself with happiness, thus an idea has been developed to cater for birthday parties, weddings, and family gatherings as a means to spread happiness and memories that will last a life-time throughout the region. The founder of Blue Island Mr. Ali Yacoub Alboori stated: “At Blue Island, providing un-matched products, premium services and an unforgettable experience for our customers is a top priority. Therefore, we are glad to open our first branch outside KSA at the Mall of Dilmunia, where we see promising growth opportuni-ties, considering its strategic location, high quality facilities and mesmerizing design. We are thrilled to begin re-ceiving our customers at our new branch and we will soon announce our opening.”
Due to its unique and strategic location, Mall of Dilmunia’s aim is to provide an environment that enables world-class brands to flourish in Bahrain. This provides visitors with an ultimate experience through a variety of global, regional, and local brands.

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